Name : Jacques
Surname : Côté
University Title : Full Professor
Affiliation to Université Laval : Medical Biology, Medicine
Diploma : Ph.D.
Telephone (office) : (418) 525-4444 ext.: 15545
Telephone (laboratory) : (418) 525-4444 ext.: 15535
Fax : (418) 691-5439
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It is now clear that the reconfiguration of the chromosome structure is a crucial step in the processes that control the expression and stability of the human genome, and consequently differentiation/cell proliferation and their deregulation leading to diseases like cancer. The activities involved in this reconfiguration include multiprotein complexes that alter the basic unit of chromosomes, i.e. the nucleosome, where DNA is wrapped around a protein core. These complexes are closely linked to the control of gene transcription, DNA replication and repair. These activities interact as well with oncogenes and tumor suppressors and are the basis of the epigenetic phenomena. Our work aims to characterize these multiprotein complexes and understand their mechanisms of action. This will provide very important information on the basic events controlling the expression and maintenance of the eukaryotic genome and cell proliferation.

The transcriptional regulation of genes is a fundamental process of cellular life. Indeed, it is the expression of proteins at key moments during the cell cycle and tissue differentiation that allows a cell to live, grow, divide and perform its specific task in response to various signals. Where there is deregulation of this process, it leads to malfunctioning cells, which may lead to uncontrolled proliferation (cancer) or death. Much of this control is linked to the dynamic configuration of the packaging of the genetic material in the cell: a structure called chromatin. Our research is focused on the role and mechanisms of action of protein complexes modifying the structure of chromatin in transcriptional regulation.

Another event that could lead to disruption of cellular function is the instability of its genome. Indeed, the accumulation of damage occurring at critical locations in the DNA can have dire consequences as the formation of cancerous cells. To counter this phenomenon, the cell has several repair mechanisms, all requiring access to the DNA damage. For this reason the study of the role of chromatin remodeling complexes in DNA repair and DNA damage signaling is essential.

Using techniques of molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics, as well as proteomics and functional genomics, our research aims to elucidate the precise function of these complexes in the expression and preservation of the integrity of genetic material. The information we acquire can be used in the development of drugs / diagnostic tools targeting these molecular events in the fight against cancer, in terms of prevention as well as treatment of the disease itself.


Chromatin modifications during transcription, replication and DNA repair; the role of tumor suppressor acetyltransferase complexes and their functional partners

The ING family of tumor suppressors is highly conserved among eukaryotes and every members of this family are part of specific protein complexes that modulate acetylation of chromatin. Some are recruited to regulate gene expression, others appear to sites of DNA damage to facilitate repair or follow the polymerase to allow duplication of the genetic material.
The laboratory's research projects use the powerful yeast model system and human cells in culture to characterize the roles and mechanisms of action of these protein complexes in nuclear functions in eukaryotic cells.

1) Regulation and impact of the NuA4/Tip60 histone acetyltransferase complex in transcriptional regulation and the repair of DNA double-strand breaks.
a- Structural and functional characterization of the complex and its various subunits.
b-Mechanisms of recruitment to promoters and sites of DNA damage.
c-functional relationship with the incorporation of histone variants in chromatin.

2) Structural and functional characterization of other acetyltransferase/deacetylase complexes containing an ING tumor suppressor.

3) Role of histone modifications in the establishment of euchromatin-heterochromatin boundaries.

4) Role and functional intreractions of ING acetyltransferases complexes necessary for replication of the genome.

Figure 1: Electron microscopy imaging of the SWI/SNF ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complex interacting with a nucleosomal array (a,b: nucleosome array alone; c: array plus SWI/SNF).

Figure 2: The NuA4 Histone Acetyltransferase complex

Figure 3: Immunofluorescence imaging of the Esa1 HAT protein in diploid yeast cells (DNA in blue, Esa1 in green).

Figure 4: Immunofluorescence imaging of the Esa1 HAT protein during yeast cell division (DNA in red, Esa1 in green).

Figure 5: Diverse functions of multi-subunit HAT complexes.


Funding agency

Type of funding

Project title

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Operating grant

"Dissection of the NuA4 acetyltransferase complex in nuclear functions"

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Operating grant

"Regulation of nuclear processes and cell fate by MYST-ING tumor suppressor complexes"

Canada Research Chairs

Research Chair, Tier I

"Canada Research Chair in Chromatin Biology and Molecular Epigenetics"

Canadian Institutes of Health Research-CEEHRC

Catalyst grant

“Functional analysis of non-coding RNA/chromatin interactions at imprinted Prader-Willi Syndrome locus”


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Since 2011

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2006 - 2010

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Before 2006

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Lab's 6th PhD defense!
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Lab's 5th PhD defense!
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Lab at the PennState Chromatin meeting, June 2011
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Lab's 4th Ph.D. defense!
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Lab Retreat at Tadoussac 05/08
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Lab 2/08
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Lab at the PSU Chromatin meeting 7/07
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Lab's 3rd Ph.D. defense!
Dr. Yannick Doyon, April 20th 2007

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Lab's 2nd Ph.D. defense!
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Lab's first Ph.D. defense!
Dr. Nicolas Lacoste, Feb. 7th 2005

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LAB at the PSU Chromatin meeting 8/03
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Lab at Sugar Shack 4/06
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