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Lise Fillion

After studying nursing and psychology, Lise Fillion pursued a postdoctoral fellowship in behavioral medicine (health psychology) at the University of Miami under the supervision of Neil Schneiderman. From the beginning of her career, she utilized her exceptional clinical skills to assist individuals with cancer and those facing emotional and existential challenges. Professor Fillion particularly distinguished herself in the field of palliative care and psycho-oncology, as evidenced by her numerous successes in major research projects funded by prominent provincial and national grant agencies. She also served as a role model for many graduate students who successfully completed their master's and doctoral training.

Professor Fillion made significant contributions to the improvement of nursing practices in oncology and palliative care through her work on the development of the nurse navigator role and the implementation of systematic distress screening for individuals with cancer in outpatient oncology clinics. She also showed a keen interest in the job satisfaction and well-being of nurses working in oncology and palliative care, leading her to develop a research program aimed at enhancing the organization of care and services in these areas. It is also worth highlighting her exemplary skills in interprofessional collaboration, which enabled her to establish connections with multidisciplinary research teams across Canada and demonstrate her leadership.

The numerous accomplishments of Professor Fillion have been widely recognized by local and national bodies, resulting in numerous awards and prizes that highlight the excellence of her work. In 2011, she notably received the prestigious Rachel-Bureau Award, the highest distinction bestowed upon a nurse by her peers. Additionally, she won the Sirius Award presented by the CHU de Québec-Université Laval for an innovative project on managing the transition to cancer.