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Four CRC researchers win CIHR Project Grant


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As part of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Spring 2022 competition, four of our researchers have been awarded Project grants: 

Étienne Audet-Walsh (co-investigator: Frédéric Pouliot): Understanding mitochondrial metabolism to identify prostate cancer metabolic vulnerabilities 

Jacques Côté: Functional analysis of the NuA4/TIP60 complex in epigenetic mechanisms linked to genome expression and stability 

Mathieu Laplante (co-investigator: Mikko Taipale): Exploring the biology of the hepatokine TSK in health and disease 

Donald Poirier (co-investigators: Olivier Barbier and Kishor Wasan): Aminosteroid derivatives as a new class of cholesterol homeostasis disruptors for selective treatment of pancreatic cancer: Mechanistic and translational studies 

Congratulations to the winners!