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Ouafa Badre : Michèle-Aubin Scholar 2023


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Here is the profile of Ouafa Badre, the recipient of the Michèle-Aubin scholarship 2023, currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Epidemiology under the guidance of Professor Caroline Diorio. This scholarship is made possible thanks to the Centre de recherche sur le cancer de l’Université Laval and the Fonds de cancérologie de la Fondation de l’Université Laval. 

From a young age, Ouafa Badre has demonstrated remarkable leadership and dedication to the community in the fight against breast cancer. Her academic journey and professional activities attest to her exceptional achievements. Thanks to her leadership and active involvement, Ouafa has had the opportunity to teach and co-supervise master's students, guiding them in their own breast cancer research projects. 

In parallel with her research work, Ouafa actively engages in volunteer actions and community projects focused on awareness and the fight against breast cancer. She has notably participated in coaching programs in nutrition and fitness, where she assisted cancer patients in adopting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining their physical and mental well-being. 

Motivated by her passion for medical research, Ouafa made the bold decision to leave her home country, Algeria, to pursue her scientific journey and join Professor Diorio's team as a doctoral student at the Université Laval Cancer Research Center. 

Currently, Ouafa is fully dedicated to studying the size of breast adipocytes as a prognostic factor for breast cancer. Her commitment to research aims to deepen our understanding of this complex disease and discover new therapeutic approaches. Her unwavering dedication to medical research reflects her passion for science and her sincere desire to make a real difference in the lives of breast cancer patients.