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Recipients of the 2023-2024 salary and student scholarships


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Several of our research and student members have distinguished themselves in recent salary and training grant competitions. Congratulations to our recipients! 

Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé (FRQS) researcher-scholar salary awards 

  • Sébastien Fortin (J2) - Development and optimization of novel anticancer agents targeting human cancers refractory to current therapies 
  • Hermann Nabi (Senior) - Optimizing the application of precision medicine approaches to cancer prevention and treatment  

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) student scholarships 

  • Béatrice Frenette (Lucie Jeannotte's team) - Master's scholarship 
  • Gabrielle St-Onge (Nicolas Bisson's team) - Master's scholarship 
  • Félix-Antoine Pellerin (Stéphane Bolduc team) - master's scholarship 
  • Félix Desroches (Louis Archambault team) - summer student bursary 
  • Mathieu Dugas (Jacques Côté team) - summer student bursary 

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Student Awards 

  • Ariane Gervais (team of Josée Lavoie and Darren Richard)-Master's scholarship  
  • Amy Beaudin (Mélanie Laurin's team)-Master's scholarship  
  • Caroline Beaudoin (Chantal Guillemette's team)-Master's scholarship  
  • Emma Coughlan (Josée Savard's team)-Master's scholarship  
  • Louis-Jacques Ruel (Yohan Bossé's team) - master's scholarship  
  • Marie-Anne Bérubé (Amélie Fradet-Turcotte's team) - master's scholarship 
  • Xavier-Philippe Légaré (Vincent Fradet's team) - master's scholarship 
  • Diana Ionna Hotea (Mélanie Laurin's team) - PhD scholarship  

Fonds de recherche du Québec scholarships 

  • Amy Beaudin (Mélanie Laurin's team)- FRQS master's scholarship  
  • Ariane Gervais (Josée Lavoie and Darren Richard team)- FRQS master's scholarship  
  • Béatrice Frenette (Lucie Jeannotte's team)- FRQS master's scholarship  
  • Cynthia Jobin (Étienne Audet-Walsh team)- FRQS Master's Scholarship  
  • Félix-Antoine Pellerin (Stéphane Bolduc's team)- FRQS master's scholarship  
  • Gabrielle St-Onge (Nicolas Bisson's team) - FRQS master's scholarship  
  • Jalal Laaraj (Vincent Fradet's team) - FRQS doctoral scholarship  
  • Joanie Ringuette (Sébastien Fortin's team) - FRQS master's scholarship  
  • Vincent Chouinard (Michèle Desjardins' team)-Master's scholarship  
  • Xavier-Philippe Légaré (Vincent Fradet's team)- FRQS Master's Scholarship 
  • Audrey Poirier (Mathieu Laplante's team) - FRQS doctoral scholarship  
  • Claudia McBrearty (Josée Savard's team) - FRQSC doctoral scholarship  
  • Diana Carolina Mayorga Gonzalez (Yannick Doyon team)- FRQS doctoral scholarship  
  • Émilie Wong Chong (Anne Gangloff team)- FRQ doctoral scholarship  
  • Lucas Germain (Étienne Audet-Walsh team)- FRQS doctoral fellowship  
  • Nataly Espinoza Suarez (Lynn Gauthier's team) - FRQS and FRQNT doctoral fellowship  
  • Pawan Kumar Saini (Sabine Elowe's team)- FRQS doctoral fellowship