Throughout the years, the CRC has sponsored many important projects at Université Laval and in the Québec City area. For example, the affiliated Centre for Clinical and Evaluative Oncology Research (CRCEO) helped providing critical support to innovative projects, including the Consortium of Clinical Oncology Research of Québec (Q-ROC), which was created from a partnership with the Segal Cancer Centre in Montreal. Q-ROC is now a key partner in a broad initiative called the Personalized Medicine Partnership for Cancer (, which promotes an integrated approach for developing, testing, and implementing in the clinic proven biomarkers in order to improve patient services and to reduce costs in cancer care.

Basic research conducted at CRC is vital to understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cancer, a crucial knowledge to discover new therapies. CRC scientists also conduct clinical research to take discoveries made in the laboratory and apply them to patient care in a clinical setting. Epidemiological research allows scientists to examine and to measure the impact of medical practices in oncology. Translational research involves the practical application of research findings to enhance treatment and improve cancer patient quality of life. These four major research pillars, which were developed over the last 30 years in various Université Laval research centres, are now fully integrated in the Cancer Research Centre.