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A look back at the 26th Journée scientifique des étudiants (JSE)


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On August 31 and September 1, the 26th edition of the Journée scientifique des étudiants (JSE) was held at Université Laval's Pavillon Ferdinand -Vandry. In addition to being held face-to-face for the first time since 2019, this was the first edition to be held outside the walls of CRCHUQc-UL, more specifically in the St-Patrick building on the HDQ site. The members of the Comité étudiant regroupement cancer (CERC) involved in organizing the event had to adapt to new logistics, and they did so with flying colors! 

The aim of the JSE is to enable students to share the progress of their research work with all members of the Université Laval Cancer Research Center (CRC) and the CRCHUQc-UL Oncology Axis, thereby reinforcing the interdisciplinary and collaborative aspect of cancer research in Quebec City. 

Our special thanks go to Dr. Claire Rougeulle (CNRS/Université Paris Cité) for her lecture entitled "X chromosome regulation in mammalian development and stem cells", as well as her participation in these two days. 

Various prizes for oral and poster presentations were awarded at the end of the JSE (click here for the full list available in French only), as well as several grants and awards from the CRC and the CRCHUQc-UL Oncology Axis. 


CRC Scholarships 

Didier-Dufour Scholarship 

This bursary is awarded to the CRC summer intern with the best academic record. 

Recipient: Benjamin Claveau, Michèle Desjardins team 

Luc-Bélanger distinction scholarships 

These two scholarships are awarded to a student who has distinguished himself/herself by the quality of his/her academic record and by a contribution to the advancement of society. 

Recipients: Nadine Morin, doctoral student in Marc-Étienne Huot's team, and Cynthia Mbuya-Bienge, doctoral student in Hermann Nabi's team. 

Interfaculty scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to a student who has distinguished himself/herself by the quality of his/her academic record and who is supervised by regular CRC research members from two faculties. 

Recipient: Zineb Selihi, Master's student in the teams of Michel Dorval (FPHA) and Bruno Gagnon (FMED) 

CRC Graduate Excellence Scholarships 

CRC Excellence Scholarships are awarded to students who have distinguished themselves by the quality of their academic record. As of this year, six of these scholarships are named in honor of our emeritus members. 

Bernard Têtu Scholarship 

Recipient: Nawar Touma, master's student in Frédéric Pouliot's team 

Jacques Huot Scholarship 

Recipient: Angeline Labbé, Master's student in Isabelle Laverdière's and Sophie Lauzier's teams. 

Jacques Landry Scholarship 

Recipient: Cynthia Jobin, Master's student, in Étienne Audet-Walsh's team 

Normand Marceau Scholarship 

Recipient: Arianne Gervais, Master's student, in the teams of Josée N. Lavoie and Darren E. Richard 

Lise Fillion Scholarship 

Recipient: Nataly Espinoza Suarez, Ph.D. student in Lynn Gauthier's team 

Alan Anderson Scholarship 

Recipient: Lucas Germain, doctoral student in Étienne Audet-Walsh's team 

Excellence in Graduate Studies Scholarship 

Recipient: Aurélie Fuentes-Rodrigues, doctoral student in Solange Landreville's team 


Oncology Axis Award 

Normand-Marceau Award 

This new award, in honor of Professor Normand Marceau, recognizes achievements in scientific imaging in all disciplines of the Oncology Axis. 

Jury Prize winner: François Chartier, Nicolas Bisson team. Title: Réseau Chaoptique 

Public's Favourite Award: Noémie Lavoie, Nicolas Bisson and Patrick Laprise team. Title: Des cellules qui communiquent via les émojis

Participation Award Recipients: Diana Ioana Hotea, Mélanie Laurin team (Title: Expression de la desmogléine-1 lors de la différenciation des kératinocytes) and Martial Millet, François Bordeleau team (Title: Cancer Mechanobiology, the dark side of the Force) 

Clinical and Evaluative Oncology Research Award (CEOR) 

This award of excellence is given to the summer trainee working in clinical or evaluative research in oncology who has distinguished himself/herself the most by the quality of his/her academic and research record, and mainly by his/her cumulative average during the bachelor's degree. 

Recipient: Claudia Mc Brearty, Josée Savard's team