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Laurie Bisaillon : Lise-Fillion Scholar 2023


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Here is the profile of Laurie Bisaillon, the recipient of the Lise-Fillion scholarship 2023, currently pursuing a doctoral degree psychology under the guidance of Professor Josée Savard. This scholarship is made possible thanks to the Centre de recherche sur le cancer de l’Université Laval and the Fonds de cancérologie de la Fondation de l’Université Laval.   

Passionate about psycho-oncology, Laurie Bisaillon has been contributing to research in this field since 2021 and held the position of intervenor at the Quebec Organization of People Affected by Cancer (OQPAC) over the past year. Her involvement in oncological research is demonstrated by coordinating a longitudinal research project on the role of perfectionism in adapting to cancer, writing scientific articles mainly on the fear of cancer recurrence, and presenting study results in various contexts. Her research project will focus on the factors involved in the intention to resort to medical aid in dying among an adult population with metastatic cancer (stage 4). This research aims to develop a better understanding of psychological factors (e.g., depression, need for control, intolerance of uncertainty) and elements considered by individuals wishing to access medical aid in dying. Another objective of the study is to assess the relevance of psychological intervention for individuals considering medical aid in dying. 

Laurie distinguished herself academically during her bachelor's degree in psychology at Université Laval. Indeed, she received the Student of the Year award, given to the student with the highest average (across all years and concentrations). She began her doctoral studies in psychology in the fall and joined the clinical health psychology concentration. This concentration allows students to develop skills to collaborate with other health professionals and acquire various medical knowledge. In her view, psychological support during illness corresponds to a fundamental need that is unfortunately sometimes overlooked. Her comfort in discussing concerns and fears related to illness, along with her desire to provide psychological assistance to individuals affected by cancer, explains her goal of becoming a specialized psychologist in psycho-oncology.