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Undergraduate Research Internships

The CRC welcomes undergraduate trainees, mainly in the summer, but also throughout the year depending on the capacity of the research teams.

Postdoctoral fellowships

After obtaining a doctorate, it is possible to continue your training in a particular area of research. This internship is an opportunity to perfect research expertise with a view to becoming an independent researcher. As members of the research community, postdoctoral fellows make an indispensable contribution to the CRC environment. A postdoctoral fellowship at CRC gives you the means to put your expertise into practice and perfect your knowledge in a cutting-edge environment.

How to do an internship at the CRC?

For an internship at the CRC, you must contact the research director directly (see section Investigator) with whom you wish to do an internship and discuss how to join their research team.

You can also consult the available positions offered section of our site.